Friday 24 November 2017

Sun casts the light on our crappy lives

Yes, the weather is great, but it’s not so great watching it from the confines of an office
Yes, the weather is great, but it’s not so great watching it from the confines of an office
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

The weather panic is awful isn't it? We wait and wish for it to come, and then when it's there we get this anxiety that we are missing it. It's like life really.

Sometimes these days I sit in the office and actually wish the weather was not nice outside. And yes, I know that makes me sound like a very petty person, that I would wish that because I can't have it no one else can either. But it's just such a waste, isn't it? And I am a petty man in many ways. And who wouldn't want it to go away? Outside the window, taunting me. And I'm inside, bothered, bothered that life has come and I'm missing out on it.

I am making up for this with frenzied activity at the top and tail of the day. I am in the sea early and again in the evening when possible. And I have dusted off the shittiest garden furniture you have ever seen and am forcing us all to eat our evening meal outside, whether we want to or not. By teatime, the garden table and chairs are no longer in the sun, so in a way, it would feel more summery to eat inside with the sunlight coming in on us. But Godammit, your father missed the weather all day so we will eat out here, as a family, and we will enjoy it. The two kids were fighting over a large towel the other day to wrap themselves in while they ate. Another evening I distinctly heard the youngest one say to her mother, "But I'm cold!" and her mother shushed her lest I would hear it. Unsummerlike behaviour. Punishable by, well, not sending them to their room. That would be playing into their hands.

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