Monday 23 July 2018

Summer's light brings stolen moments

Summer gives us bonus time which would otherwise be wasted indoors
Summer gives us bonus time which would otherwise be wasted indoors

You can't beat stolen moments. I woke up at half five this morning out of a television nightmare. It's a variation on a Leaving Cert nightmare, where you are just about to go on live TV and you haven't a clue what's going on or what you're supposed to do.

I wasn't getting back to sleep and it was broad daylight outside so I got up and went to the sea. There were one or two others there but it was largely all mine. I drove back along traffic-less streets watching all the other people who were out early putting their stamp on the day. And I felt slightly elated to again be part of this tribe who get up early and own the world. We get this extra special usage out of it before everyone else emerges. We see it at its best, the sun coming up, the air clear and unused.

I've been having stolen moments with the elder child too. She was off school for a week so we got into the habit of heading out to the seafront in the evenings. She likes the exercise machines out there. So we start at one end of the promenade where her favourite machines are, the ones you hang off. Then we go down it, stopping off at all the machines, and then back up, again stopping at all the machines.

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