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Sorry Sharon, but you need a Guide to life in the spotlight


Sharon Ni Bheolain

Sharon Ni Bheolain

Sharon Ni Bheolain

THERE are two separate issues concerning Sharon Ni Bheolain's appearance on the front page of some Irish tabloids this week.

And despite sympathy for her predicament, these two issues should not be converged into one.

On the one hand, people will have sympathy for her because of the trauma she has suffered, courtesy of the unwanted attention of the latest in a line of sad, deluded individuals to harass well-known Irish people.

On the other hand, we have Sharon's rage at the photographs which appeared of her pictured walking a dog in Clontarf in broad daylight, dressed in pyjamas and slippers.

She told Liveline that she is considering a complaint to the press council for what she she sees as a gross invasion of her privacy, insisting that she does not deserve such attention.

"This isn't the Kardashians, I am a regular Joe Soap who just happens to be on the news every night. My lifestyle is very ordinary." she said. And herein lies a problem...

Last November, Sharon appeared on the front cover of the RTE Guide. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but "regular Joe Soaps" don't appear on the front cover (and it wasn't the first time that she had done so).

That position is reserved for what we loosely call "celebrities", and by agreeing to appear on it -- she posed for photos for the magazine, after all -- is Sharon not acknowledging that she is more than a "Joe Soap", and that people are sufficiently interested in her story to buy the magazine?

In the interview inside, posing alongside her daughter, she spoke for the first time about her plans to leave RTE, and pursue a career as a lawyer.

As an experienced journalist, she can hardly have been unaware of the ripples this story would cause, appearing as it did in many newspapers the following day. And from what I remember, Sharon didn't complain about this coverage...

Which brings us to the photographs that appeared this week.

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