Thursday 22 February 2018

So Little Things can make a big difference

John Masterson loves an open fire.
John Masterson loves an open fire.

The HSE has been running a mental health campaign recently called the Little Things. It got me thinking, which I suppose was the aim of the exercise. The thrust of the message is that we need to look after our mental health and that it is many of the little things in life that keep us going. They give the people with whom we interact a bit of a lift also.

The campaign suggested that we focus on the little things that are important for our own sense of wellbeing. I have to admit I was stumped. At first I couldn't think of anything. I had no difficulty thinking of the things that ­remove the spring from my step. At this time of the year going to work in the dark and ­returning in the dark certainly fits the bill. It seems a long way to that morning when I notice that there is daylight to greet me on waking up. I am not a winter person. I know we are still in autumn so it is probably best to avoid me until March. I think I get a touch of SAD .

The more I thought of the little things, the more I found them pointing to the mainstays of my life and they fell into three overlapping categories - being alert to experiences that produce a feeling of wellbeing, doing things or generally being active, and connections with people.

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