Thursday 22 February 2018

Sad Brad still the good guy despite his big boozy temper

Brad Pitt's admission that his heavy drinking broke his marriage to Angelina has done him no harm, writes Sarah Caden

GOOD, BRAD AND THE BUBBLY: Brad Pitt Picture: Reuters
GOOD, BRAD AND THE BUBBLY: Brad Pitt Picture: Reuters

Sarah Caden

Apparently, Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie the "heads up" that he was doing the soul-baring interview that appeared in the US GQ Style last week. "He's committed to having a healthy relationship with..." the mother of his six children, it was reported.

On the one hand, this seems like he did the decent thing in warning her. It was also nice of Brad to explain, in this interview, how he didn't just play a part in the split; but that he was the problem. It was his boozing that broke the marriage, he said. Brad took full blame and thus earned the brownie points that come of being a mea culpa decent bloke, despite the admission of less-than-decent behaviour.

Just the cover of GQ Style says it all. There's Brad, thinner than he was in happier times, a little bit grey around the hair and the stubble, a slightly hangdog expression. His baby-blue eyes have a sort of troubles-I've-seen wistful look. It's winsome and the only problem with it all is the nagging feeling that Brad knows well how winsome it is.

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