Tuesday 16 October 2018

Roddy Doyle's Charlie Savage: Who wants to live forever?


Illustration: Ben Hickey
Illustration: Ben Hickey
Charlie Savage

Charlie Savage

'That hair isn't grey, says the wife. - It's silver, look. They both have matching hair. She's right. She often is. We've been watching all these ads that are aimed at older people. People like ourselves, except we don't have matching silver hair. We don't usually pay attention to the ads. We record what we want to watch and charge through the ads. But we're watching some crime thing and I have the remote pointed at the telly, flying through the ads, when the wife shouts - Stop! I do.

- Go back a bit. And I do.

It's an ad for some investment bank or something, but the bit that interests the wife is the silver-haired couple. They're somewhere exotic, looking out at the sea, and the silver-haired woman puts her hand on silver-haired man's arse and squeezes it.

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