Friday 19 October 2018

Roddy Doyle's Charlie Savage: Time for a MANicure?


Illustration by Ben Hickey
Illustration by Ben Hickey
Charlie Savage

Charlie Savage

I'm looking at my friend, the Secret Woman. Or Martin, as everyone else knows him. I'm actually looking at his nails - his fingernails. I've never noticed before, but they're very long and well looked after. I'm tempted to take a sneaky photo - get the phone out and pretend I'm checking the football scores - and fire it off to the daughter, to get her verdict.

About a year back, Martin told me he identifies as a woman. But - now, here, beside me in the local - he looks exactly the same as he did before that confession. Except for the nails. I think he might even be wearing the same hoodie. I know I am. I'm no fashion guru but his hoodie looks exactly like what a 62-year-old heterosexual widower would throw on first thing in the morning.

I'm probably being stupid. But it's a tricky one.

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