Tuesday 16 October 2018

Roddy Doyle's Charlie Savage: Other voices


Illustration by Ben Hickey
Illustration by Ben Hickey
Charlie Savage

Charlie Savage

I know, I've been going on a bit about that question, "What are you thinking about?" And I know, it's part of any marriage - well, a part of any heterosexual relationship, anyway. She wants to know what's going on inside his head and it's his job to guard the contents of that head, no matter how flimsy the contents might be - especially because there might be nothing much going on in there. An empty head is no man's most attractive feature.

Anyway, the wife - my wife, that is - has been asking the question since the day we first met and, irritating and unsettling as I've found the question, I've always thought that I'd be in trouble if she ever stopped asking it.

By the way, it was the third question she asked me that night. The first was "What are you looking at?" and the second was "With you?" - after I asked her if she wanted to dance.

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