Saturday 17 March 2018

Our politicians are far from remote - and it's a good job

As citizens worldwide rally against the 'elite', it shows how grounded Irish lawmakers are, says Eoin O'Malley

Caravan fan: Brian Cowen
Caravan fan: Brian Cowen

Snouts in the trough. They're all crooks and cowards. Only out to line their own pockets. Out of touch, they are. Living in mansions, while the rest of us have to graft. That's our view of politicians. They aren't popular, which is odd for a group whose job interview is literally a popularity contest.

The big debate on the breakdown of established party politics, which has happened here as much as anywhere else, centres on the argument that most politicians are from a wealthy, metropolitan elite who look after the interests of others in their tribe, ignoring ordinary people.

The wife of the US treasury secretary got into trouble last week for having Instagrammed a photo of herself alighting a government jet. She accompanied the photo with a list of the designer clothes she was wearing, showing herself to be utterly out-of-touch with the lives of ordinary people.

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