Wednesday 14 November 2018

Midlife: My rusty school Irish erupted out of nowhere. Bairbre de Paor is ainm dom

Peig Sayers turned out to be an inspiration for learning.
Peig Sayers turned out to be an inspiration for learning.
Bairbre Power

Bairbre Power

It was hard not to get just a little bit nostalgic about my childhood school days as I watched all the new pupils walking along St Stephen's Green. Oh how we loved our pleated wine uniforms and berets as little ones, but positively hated them by the time we left school 13 years later.

To this day, I've never ever worn the colour wine in any shape or form again. The colour is dead to me after wearing it five days a week for nine months of the year for more than a decade. I'm not alone in harbouring this colour prejudice from my school uniform days and, to be honest, the only time wine ever gets past the gatekeeper is in liquid form. Mine's a Merlot.

The start of the new term triggered memories - nothing maudling as I was happy as a trout there - but it got me thinking about how many of my favourite school subjects I've taken forward with me in life.Nothing changed on the gym front. I was lousy at it in school - never did manage to vault the wooden horse - and, to this day, I detest gyms. And the brown bread in my first Home Ec class came out burnt - a harbinger of what was ahead on the kitchen front.

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