Monday 19 February 2018

'Making a Murderer' spoiler: It's rubbish

Real life crime: The story of Steven Avery and his incarceration for murder left me cold
Real life crime: The story of Steven Avery and his incarceration for murder left me cold
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

I'm in danger of going off the grid. A tin hat is beckoning. We moved house over Christmas. I know. We should have thrown in a divorce and a bereavement for good measure. Luckily we, by which I mean my wife, are experts at moving house now. And luckily for me, she finds it best if I am not there annoying her and her mover friends. Yes. We have moved so much that my wife actually knows the movers. So basically I go out to work, and when I come home, we've more or less moved. It's unsettling coming home to a different house of an evening than the one you went out of that morning, but not as unsettling as having to actually participate in the moving. I get too edgy apparently, so it's better not to have me around. I'm like that guy who breaks everything when he is asked to wash the dishes.

We have yet to get the channels piped into our new house so for the last month, we have been existing in this strange netherworld where we don't see any live TV. Which I understand is nothing unusual in anyone under 20, but for me it's odd. But not as odd as I thought it might be.

Did you know for example that nothing changes if you don't watch the news every night? And did you know that nothing happens if you miss War and Peace, and Dr Ava's programme about sugar, and whatever other must-watch stuff is on? Nothing happens. Life keeps going. Anything important will percolate down to you through the radio or the papers anyway, or indeed the internet, which we do have - we're not totally nuts.

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