Wednesday 29 January 2020

Lucy Jones: Call me a cow, but am I the only getting a bit sick of Adele winning gongs?

Adele with her six Grammys
Adele with her six Grammys

CONGRATULATIOJNS to Adele for her 3,000th nomination. Today, it's the Ivor Novello committee's turn. She's up for Best Song, Best Contemporary Song, Best Album and PRS for Music Most Performed Work (whatever that means). Surely it's only a matter of time before she's elected President of the United States.

Call me a cow, but is anyone else getting a bit sick of this? The South London songstress made a perfectly nice album, but apart from Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You, are any of the other songs really, really good? I find it boring, but perhaps I'm not the right audience. Sasha Frere-Jones of the New Yorker put it well:

Her career is likely to be long, because she is selling to the demographic that decides American elections: middle-aged moms who don’t know how to pirate music and will drive to Starbucks when they need to buy it.

You cannot argue with Adele's voice. It is frayed gold – and she deals generously in goosebumps when she performs live. Sure, it's great that the millions she has made her label XL will give them more freedom to take risks, although I'm not sure she has "saved the music industry".

This is musical groundhog day. The album, 21, was released on January 24th 2011. Not last winter, the winter before.

Since then, plenty of brilliant albums have missed out on accolades or the number one spot thanks to her blanketing empire. Perhaps, as Wet Wet Wet did in 1994 with their 15-week chart topper Love Is All Around Me, 21 should be taken off the charts. She's good. We get it. Give someone else a turn.

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