Monday 11 December 2017

Youth recognises political promises

Madam – So the canvassing is on again, handbills are being passed through the door like no one's business, promises are being made left, right and centre; posters are being put up on high vantage points on the telephone poles; people are shaking hands with people they never met before, at least not since the last election.

New schools will be built, student grants restored, hospital wards re-opened, pensions will rise, tax will come down, jobs will be guaranteed, roads brought up to standard – the same balderdash we've heard come every election time and numerous lies will be told to young and old alike.

The youth of today will not, however, succumb to the put-on promises like their parents did. For years, families have been turned against each other over politics, and God help anyone mentioning FG in a FF house, and vice versa.

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