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Yet another AIB service removed

Madam -- Like many others, I received a letter from AIB, the bank the taxpayer has bailed out to the tune of €20bn. In this missive, I was informed that yet another service would be withdrawn, the cashsave account that I have held for the last 31 years. Furthermore, I was advised that I could "avail of maintenance and transaction free banking by maintaining a minimum daily statement balance of €2,500 in the fee quarter". Are these guys for real?

AIB is over 99 per cent owned by the State -- coincidentally the same percentage similarity at the genetic level between apes and humans. Maybe we should put the monkeys in charge of this train wreck (which posted after-tax losses of €2.3bn in 2010); they couldn't do any worse than the current incumbents -- and they would already have the necessary attire! There could be benefits for Irish business as well -- even 10 per cent of the €250,000-plus salaries that 24 executives from AIB are earning would buy a lot of Fyffes bananas!

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