Wednesday 21 March 2018

X case does not allow for abortion

I FAIL to see what all the fuss over the European court ruling is about, especially on the part of pro-abortion campaigners. While it does indeed call for legislation on abortion on the basis of the 1992 X case, in the real world the X case does not allow for abortion.

The ruling in X determined that a pregnant woman (or child) was entitled to an abortion if there was an imminent threat to her life that could only be averted by termination. As medical and psychiatric evidence points out, there is never any medical necessity for abortion.

There may be cases where pregnancies need to be terminated early, (as in the case of severe pre-eclampsia) but in those instances, when a very premature baby is delivered, every effort should be made to save the baby's life, even if, in the end, it proves fruitless. Similarly, no pregnant woman is denied life-saving treatment, even if, as a result, the baby dies.

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