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Writers’ Week has got along fine with crew of volunteers

Letters to the Editor


Listowel, Co Kerry, hosts the annual Writers' Week

Listowel, Co Kerry, hosts the annual Writers' Week

Listowel, Co Kerry, hosts the annual Writers' Week

Some lines about Listowel Writers’ Week, if I may.

’Tis running for 52 years

Its programmes brought laughter and tears

Through pandemic and later

Without a curator

There’s no need to remove volunteers.

Mattie Lennon

Blessington, Co Wicklow

Western democracy is under serious threat of collapsing

Elizabeth Cullen’s well-intentioned letter (‘As a truly neutral country, we could act as peace brokers’, Irish Independent Letters, November 22) was a great idea but it overlooks the mindset of Vladimir Putin and his cronies.

Russia is today in a corner of its own making, with lie after lie from the day it invaded its neighbour, Ukraine.

Presidents and prime ministers of governments around the world have tried in vain to start peace talks.

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The endgame could well be a repeat of 1917, when the people revolted, or utter destruction.

The proxy wars of the past decade or more have been allowed to smoulder, and western democracy itself is under threat of collapsing from the perils of greed and corruption.

If the World Cup fiasco does not make people sit up and think of the value of moral rectitude in all human dealings, we are in dire straits.

Declan Foley

Melbourne, Australia

Fifa doing great job putting on a World Cup PR disaster

Listening to Fifa chief Gianni Infantino putting his football boots in his mouth every time he opens it makes one wonder what this global cabal does between World Cups, apart from counting their money and buying gold Rolex watches.

Whatever it is, it is certainly not attending courses on how to win friends.

This crowd are now going to reap the ‘reward’ for giving this World Cup (and
the previous tournament) to a country totally unworthy of hosting such a global event.

Luckily, I have decided not to watch any of the matches, but I do hope it becomes a PR disaster for Fifa and Qatar. It is looking that way so far.

David Ryan

Drumree, Co Meath

Let’s use this Qatar spectacle to promote human rights

The flagrant human rights transgressions in Qatar should be vociferously condemned.

However, it is time to stop the demonisation of the country and start enjoying the football games – Russia, China, Mexico, Germany and South Africa were not innocents when they hosted the World Cup and the Olympics.

Sports can make a tremendous contribution to the teaching of tolerance, openness, cultural understanding, social inclusivity and gender equality.

It is time to enjoy the grandeur of the World Cup and use it wisely to promote human rights and dignity across the globe.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob


Tipplers trailing to the toilet spoil a good game of rugby

Last Friday, before attending Saturday’s rugby match between Ireland and Australia, I was in the company of a former Irish international, also an ex-Leinster player.

He said he would not be going to the match or future internationals in the Aviva to spend €125 on a ticket, only to have a constant trail of people going to the bar and toilet. This interrupted the enjoyment of the game. It was not worth it, he said, and I agree.

I’ve attended international rugby matches for over 50 years. Last Saturday’s match was a new nadir for me, in that the sale of alcohol resulted in at least 20 interruptions in and out of the row of seats I was in.

I am also a GAA supporter who regularly visits Croke Park, where alcohol and food are freely available, provided they are consumed where they are served.

Apparently this position was put to an IRFU representative, who replied: “Croke Park is only attended by farmers.” Vague generalisations are the utterances of vulgar and ignorant people.

The GAA has it right and, unlike the IRFU, has respect for supporters.

Denis Larkin

Mullingar, Co Westmeath

Reduce needless spending and focus more on donating

I would like to suggest we convert black to white this Friday and join our American cousins in making it Thanksgiving Friday.

We could give a little towards the many charities in need this year by cutting back on needless spending.

Noel Hendrick

Baldoyle, Co Dublin

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