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Working mothers not to blame for obesity

I TAKE exception to Kevin Myers's article 'Mothers must bear the blame for making our children obese' (April 19). As a working mother, I know there are many factors involved in obesity.

I am blessed with three healthy children. Two of them, who can eat anything, are always on the go. The third is much more "relaxed" and mostly craves carb-type food and is overweight.

It is an ongoing battle to keep healthy food a priority without creating food issues that can result in binge eating or anorexia. It's also in the genes. And major advertising of junk food doesn't help. If men are to continue to enjoy the financial benefits of their spouses' labour, then surely they should also share the responsibility of what they feed their children when they both get home in the evening?

These days a mother is no more responsible for feeding than she is responsible for conception.

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