Saturday 20 January 2018

Women will go abroad

Madam – I agree with Declan Lynch's opinion piece (Sunday Independent, December 23, 2012) on the reality of abortion for Irish women. I will quote from some of it: "It is not the life of the unborn child, or anything like that. They may say that the abortion thing is about... well... abortion, but in this domain, almost nothing that is said is even half-true. No, there is something even more primal at stake here, something that has been the bedrock of our civilisation – it is, of course, our ancient reliance on England to do our dirty work for us."

I am an Irish woman in my 40s who has seen hypocrisies in our society over the years. For example, the silence by the Catholic Church for 50 to 60 years, when they never informed Catholic parents that their children were at risk of sexual assault or rape from a small number of priests, until the silence was ended by the victims or survivors 20 years ago and then through the Irish and UK media. Now we will see an equally dishonest debate in the Dail on allowing some form of limited abortion.

I think Irish women will privately go to England to have an abortion, rather than go through the hoops of questions as to whether they are suicidal in order to get one on Irish soil. There is the issue of doctors who, on grounds of conscience, will not assist an abortion and with all the stresses involved in getting one in those circumstances, most Irish women will choose England. It isn't nice, but it is a fact of life. I think women should be let decide in private.

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