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Women in politics is a vital issue for society

I don't agree with DJ Moore when he says: "It's pretty clear that the problem is not that women are being prevented from participating, but rather that they are choosing not to participate (in Irish politics)," (Letters, May 31). It is honestly not that simple and I think it is a combination of both.

There are significant barriers to women's participation. Irish politics is heavily dominated by men and male culture.

This is not, in many cases, welcoming or encouraging toward women who want to join a party and participate. Politics is often about the structuring of opportunities for some and exclusion for others.

The 2009 Oireachtas report on Women's Participation had a range of broad recommendations, including quotas. This Government must not make the mistake of looking toward quotas as being the only solution. They need to be supported with a range of other measures.

Ian McGahon
Greystones, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent