Saturday 17 March 2018

Women, children and bankers first

AND so we say farewell to the economic Titanic that was the Irish economy, slowly sinking beneath the waves of the icy Atlantic after being struck by the treacherous iceberg of monetary greed.

As the ship lists, the proud captain retreats to his quarters, knowing he must go down with the ship. Meanwhile, the chief bursar is making emergency payments to high ranking officers in a flurry of activity; while other senior crew are seen rearranging the deckchairs.

In a rush for the few lifeboats, it is women and children first but not before the rich passengers get the lion’s share of the seats. And the band plays on, trying to get the crowd to sing along. Every passing minute now seems like an eternity to the surviving passengers as the mighty ship of state sinks slowly, her bow pointing at the stars, her lights flickering into the darkness. The brave radio operator stays at his post, sending out an SOS to the world. As the survivors wait with hope of rescue a ship is seen on the horizon, sailing full steam ahead. Ireland awaits the Carpathia.

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