Tuesday 12 December 2017

Without demand courses would die

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Sir -- If I understand her correctly Eilis O'Hanlon (Sunday Independent, May 9, 2010), does not like the way the Gaeltacht Irish language summer courses market themselves.

They offer courses to improve, develop and teach participants Irish. It seems she really wants them to be sufficiently attractive to her precious 11-year-old so that she does not have to attend to him or has to have him otherwise kept active for a few weeks in Summer with no demands as regards learning Irish. To be attractive they must lose sight of any of the educational objectives for which most parents send their children to these courses, and be permissive of all the distractions which have to (or should) be controlled the rest of the year in other good educational establishments if they are to have any success in meeting the parents desire of having their children educated.

If they are so unattractive why are they so popular? Without demand for them these summer courses would soon die away.

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