Tuesday 12 November 2019

Wish you were here, minister

THE way the Government is dealing with the snow emergency should wake up the electorate.

No matter what serious issue arises now in Ireland, you can be guaranteed that the standard response from politicians will be, among others, "lessons will have to be learned".

Mr Dempsey used the phrase from his holiday base in Malta. He also is quoted as saying: "Politically, it's a lot of hoo-haa, a lot of nonsense."

How dare he denigrate the seriousness of the issues facing the country and its people. Perhaps if he thought of the elderly living in isolated areas during this emergency, he may adopt a more serious frame of mind.

Might I suggest that no government minister would be absent during this time of emergency if, like most citizens, they were back at work by January at the latest.

Michael Kelly
dublin 15

Irish Independent

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