Thursday 14 December 2017

Wise words from a child aged six

Sir -- Over the last month of following Sinead O'Connor's life in the media, I had my concerns for her. So I am not surprised to hear that recently she was asking how to end her life. Of course this is all sad, but it got me thinking of something my beloved godchild said when she was only six.

Upon being very upset over something, and then advised by an adult to at least give a smile for everyone else's sake, she looked totally startled and said, "But why would you pretend to be happy when you are sad?" In these words, there she was teaching us adults how to prevent ourselves from having breakdowns, and she only a child.

I think it is a pity Sinead didn't see this sooner, for only now is she being real about her heartbreak over the ending of her marriage. Any why wouldn't she be? At the end of any close relationship, there are feelings of such rejection, hurt and loss, that sex and new love can seem like the best cure. Perhaps others have even directly told us so.

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