Wednesday 29 January 2020

Wiping out students by degrees

• The proposed new tax on university students after they graduate (Irish Independent, November 17) is probably one of the most unjust taxes ever mooted by an Irish government, as it ignores the benefits of a university education received by all graduates currently employed.

If such a tax is to be brought in, it should apply to all citizens of Ireland who have graduated from a university course paid for by the State.

The Government is choosing to tax the least affluent sector of Irish society, while ignoring many of the State's highest earners and most successful people – who received degrees they never had to pay for and who continue to receive the financial rewards of having their degree.

The Government knows that the current undergraduates are too small in number to cause trouble politically and recognise it would be electoral suicide to go after all graduates. But from a simple moral perspective, taxing undergraduates while ignoring all other beneficiaries of a university education is simply perverse.

This is just another example of the 'I'm all right, Jack' culture.

Patrick Murdock
Address with Editor

Irish Independent

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