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Winners, alright

• It was revealing to see former minister and ceann comhairle John O'Donoghue at Cheltenham again (although thankfully this time not at the taxpayer's expense). This sighting follows hot on the heels of the Bull's recent utterances in relation to a return to Leinster House ('O'Donoghue vows to win back his seat in next election', Irish Independent, February 24) although his words sounded more like those of a cock strutting his stuff, as he suggested that the crowning moments for the two current independent TDs in his constituency were "attending the opening of two hospitals that I had built".

Let's hope the electorate of South Kerry have longer memories than the ex-ceann comhairle credits them with. Remember the €330,000 in allowances and expenses (Irish Independent, August 31, 2009) on top of his salary?

Oh and let's not forget the €472 limousine bill for travel between terminals at Heathrow, in spite of there being a free shuttle transfer for passengers.

Perhaps the Prince of Cahirciveen could not be seen travelling with the common people.

Please, let's not go back to the era of "entitlement" politics -- it'll be the resurrection of Pee Flynn next.

Mark M Lawler
708 South Circular Road
Kilmainham, Dublin 8

• Looking at the Cheltenham pages over the past number of days, it was refreshing to see our own collection of politicians over at the races enjoying themselves.

On Wednesday, for example, we saw a beaming Charlie McCreavy in the corner of the page, grinning out at us, along with his wife, secure in the knowledge that no matter how much he or his sort gamble, there will always be something to fall back on.

Strange parallels with our present situation but that's beside the point.

Then we had Michael Lowry gurning at us.

No doubt by the time the Gold Cup comes around, we will have gotten a glimpse of our entire pantheon of Leinster House representatives at the races.

Make us proud.

Killian Foley-Walsh

Irish Independent