Saturday 21 April 2018

Win for our crime gangs

Sir -- Well done to Government, acting with urgency to bring in legislation to prohibit the sale of many, heretofore, legal highs. The Liveline Brigade has got its way. An easy win-win for the two main policy-making groups in the State. And a big win for criminal gangs, heavily reliant on drugs money to keep their empires ticking over. No doubt the champagne corks were popping in West Dublin, Moyross and the likes.

Our Justice Minister said that the safety of the community was at risk by the operation of head shops.

I am not alone in thinking that underworld thugs do a far more damaging job of threatening community safety. State-controlled head shops would have provided a chance to police those who take drugs as well as providing a badly-needed new tax intake while at the same time weakening the power of our criminal gangs.

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