Monday 23 April 2018

Why we cannot afford to lower the IQ

The latest episode of 'My Moral Quandary', which sees us lose a top politician, will come back to haunt us, writes Cathal McCarthy

IN any normal western democracy, the news that a cabinet minister had been forced to resign following a controversy concerning a brothel would -- could only -- mean one thing. That the minister had been caught visiting the brothel and availing of its services. In some of our more relaxed neighbouring states, the fact that a minister might visit a brothel wouldn't of itself constitute a scandal. It would only become a matter of remark if the visit involved a live boy or a dead girl, as they say.

Here, alas, we have lost a first-class minister -- one of only two we possess capable of getting to the end of an economic report without suffering a nosebleed -- not because of a dalliance in a brothel, but because of a slanderous accusation or insinuation he made concerning the ownership of a house being operated as a brothel. That's our version of the classic 'senior politician and brothel' story. We can't even get that right. Honestly. You just feel like giving up sometimes.

Who owns the house being run as a brothel? I don't care.

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