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Why Walt Disney is the best man for the Park

•The contemptible spectacle of a plethora of careerist opportunists parading themselves before the media in their best bib and tucker, endeavouring to look presidential (whatever that means) is objectively nothing more than a media and political piece of fluff. It is designed to deflect attention from the real bread-and-butter issues of human existence which define our daily lives and those of the weak, the old, the children, the new impoverished bourgeoisie, and the general population who live in the real world, not one where public has-beens can be resuscitated and former stellar careers re-launched in the nation's risible version of 'The X Factor'.

It's time -- without a scintilla of sentiment -- to abolish the presidency, pull down the Aras, and offer the rambling site -- on good parkland at a good price -- to Disneyland USA, where it might, with the can-do know-how of the Americans, be transformed into a national profit-making theme park featuring much more credible characters, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, than the dolts and time-servers we've had to endure since the institution became internationally recognised in 1949.

One way we can demonstrate our response to this insult to our democratic intelligence is to refrain from voting for any of the darling 'hope-fuls' as they race for the Park. It's our vote, so we can stick it up the Aras if we wish, and bring this venal sham to an end -- we have the final say in our pauper state's theatre of the ridiculous as we the people grapple with a national debt burden of 450pc. The highest national debt in the developed world.

However, its abolition regrettably won't happen -- as Voltaire dejectedly observed, common sense, is not so common.

Pierce Martin
Celbridge, Co Kildare

Irish Independent