Sunday 16 June 2019

Why secrecy over Libertas funding?

THIS is my fifth attempt to get some coverage from the Irish media on the subject of the campaign waged by Libertas to defeat the Lisbon Treaty referendum and, in particular, on the subject of where they got their funding from.

Libertas leader Declan Ganley has a moral obligation, if not a legal obligation, to divulge the sources of his €1m-plus campaign.

I admit I do not fully understand the Irish laws governing financial contributions to candidates for public office or money given to promote a position on a political referendum. However, when one gives money to a political cause one is not just supporting a candidate or cause, one is buying influence.

I have asked Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald where Mr Ganley got the finance from to promote his 'No' position.

Both of them said: "Why do you not ask Mr Ganley?"

I cannot locate Mr Ganley, or any member of Libertas, to ask this simple question which should only require a simple answer.

Just as a citizen has the absolute right to give money to a candidate or a cause to further a political position, so there is a moral and ethical obligation on that candidate to divulge the sources of all of his (or her) financial contributions.

It should be required by law that all financial contributions in excess of €100 be divulged at least seven days ahead of an election, so the citizenry can make a more educated decision about how they will vote.

I believe the Irish public are entitled to know where the funding for the campaign waged by Libertas came from.

'Feminist' bias against Palin

I NOTE that you continue your biased reporting on Sarah Palin and the US election. James Downey's article today (Irish Independent, September 6) is simply an uncritical collection of Democratic talking points unworthy of comment.

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