Friday 19 January 2018

Why electric cars will be a non-starter

AM I the only one to smell a rat with the new attempt by Eamon Ryan of the Green Party and Padraig Mcmanus of the ESB to inveigle us into driving electric cars (Irish Independent, April 13)?

Several important questions remain unanswered. Firstly, it rings a bit hollow for the potential purchaser of one of these mobile sewing machines to be told that he will be given a €5,000 grant, only to discover that the car costs €6,000 more than a petrol-driven vehicle. Forgive me if my maths are wrong, but that tells me that the buyer is €1,000 down to start with.

To reduce, or even eliminate "range anxiety", the ESB says that it will have charging points every 60km along the national road network, capable of charging a battery in 30 minutes, provided the charging point has not been vandalised (What? In Ireland?) and that there isn't a queue waiting for an electro-fix. Even three cars in front of you will mean a two-hour delay.

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