Wednesday 23 October 2019

Why am I paying for this?

Sir -- It is with great interest that I read Ronald Quinlan's article "Enda, you're wrong, we all spent, we are all at fault" as published in the Sunday Independent, December 11, 2011.

I must say I agree with many of Ronald Quinlan's opinions. While home ownership is something most of us aspire to, one has to question the types of homes built during the boom years. Taking into account the average size of a family these days, it is difficult to see any sense in a couple building a five or six-bedroom house. The repayments were, of course, going to be crippling, apart from the cost of heating and energy.

However, I do not agree with the headline that "we all spent". I did not borrow money or live the high life. In my case, I went to school and college during the boom years. While my fellow scholars partied almost every night of the week and arrived to class in modified cars, I stayed in every night, studied hard and arrived to college on foot. In the summers and holidays, I worked on the building sites of the boom but my remuneration only amounted to a few cent over the national minimum wage. I did not receive the €16-20 per hour that the rest received and subsequently banked at the nearest public house.

So now, I sit here, educated and unemployed with few prospects. Furthermore, I am subjected to the cuts and increased cost of living for something which I did not cause or contribute toward.

Finally, a question for Enda Kenny: if it is not my fault, why am I paying?

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