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Who's really here?

Madam -- I had to laugh when I saw the article 'Gardai dismiss newest apparitions of Murphy' (Sunday, April 15). I have just come through Dublin Airport for the third time in a month and each time the garda is reading his book until the passengers arrive at his booth and then we open our passports to the picture, hold it up to him and he waves us through. In this day and age we must be the only country where this sort of border security applies.

Surely everyone entering and leaving the country at every airport and port should have their passport scanned and then, for example, we would know if Larry Murphy is here or not.

Two friends of mine were over visiting me from the US and, as far as the immigration department knows, they are still here. If we had the same system as in every other country we could track criminals coming in and out, welfare tourists who come in to sign on and collect our hard-earned money, and for missing persons to see if they had left the country.

I think it's about time we do something as according to the CSO we have over 400,000 non-Irish living here . . . but are they here? We have no way of ever knowing the true figures until we put some border security in place

Eve McCann,


Sunday Independent