Saturday 25 January 2020

Whinge nation

• I note the letter from Joe McArdle of Dundalk (Irish Independent, April 3) complaining about the quality of services that we get in this country.

It's very easy to write a general letter without going to the effort of letting the readers know of even one specific service that he is referring to.

Yes, we have our issues; I would suggest that hospital waiting lists are too long and people are waiting far too long on trolleys for serious care.

However, we are blessed with the infrastructure that we have in Ireland. We are lucky to be a highly educated populace.

We are fortunate to have the support structures that we have in place. Above all else, we are privileged to live in a democracy.

We would be a far better country if people would stop generally whinging, give up complaining about having to pay tax, and actually made a decent and worthwhile contribution to the State.

Peter Cunningham
Bayside, Dublin 13

Irish Independent

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