Friday 24 November 2017

Whether or not you believe, one thing you have is choice

Religion is an emotive subject
Religion is an emotive subject

* I have been following with interest the recent debate on the Bible and belief in your Letters columns.

I would be grateful if you would oblige me by letting me make a few observations. I find it interesting that the Bible that is held by so many to be an obscure, ancient and outmoded book, can still raise enough feeling in people that do not believe in it, that they feel they have to denounce it with such vigour.

One contributor seemed to lay the blame for wars and oppression on this book, that is held by most believers to be a book of peace, comfort, and love. I would suggest, on consideration, that all those events would be found to be caused by human greed, power- play and manipulation. A book is just a book, and cannot rouse by itself anger and fear – only dictators, despots and power-hungry institutions can build enough momentum by playing on people's fears and beliefs to cause war and persecution.

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