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When it comes Vladimir Putin, Ian O’Doherty tells it like it is

Letters to the Editor


Vladimir Putin. Photo: AP

Vladimir Putin. Photo: AP

Vladimir Putin. Photo: AP

I WANT to thank Ian O’Doherty for the piece he wrote about Vladimir Putin (‘For once, the UN is right – we’re standing on the edge of a deadly nuclear precipice’, Irish Independent, August 3). Ian is one of my favourite scribes. He tells it like it is, non-PC. I would love to have a pint with him.

Paddy Donovan, Mitchelstown, Co Cork

It’s citizens that will bear the brunt of carbon reduction

WITH inflation rising from 7.1pc in April to 8.2pc in May of this year, the Government decided in its wisdom to impose a carbon levy on consumers in order to appease the Greens and other vested groups.

All this talk about reducing carbon emissions by 2030 at a cost of €119bn, while the citizens of this country have to deal with ever increasing costs of living and fuel price hikes etc, let me remind the Government what we are paying.

There has been a 41pc increase in electricity bills while at the same time some of our suppliers like Electric Ireland intend to increase electricity bills by 10.9pc and gas bills by 29.2pc from August 1 of this year.

Then we have home heating oil that saw a whopping increase of 102pc while diesel and petrol saw increases of 41.6pc and 25.9pc respectively.

On top of all this we’ve had penal levies and other taxes imposed on us that would make your eyes water because of financial mismanagement by private insurance companies, private banking sector and the building sector.

Oh and let’s not forget the regulators who turned a blind eye.

Yet it is we, the ordinary taxpayer of this country, who have been forced, time after time, to pay for the cost of incompetence, malfeasance and greed for the few while families scrimp and save just to put the basics on the table, heat their homes and pay their bills.

Christy Galligan, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Israel remains unsanctioned as killing in Gaza continues

WHAT just happened? Israeli forces attacked the civilian population of Gaza, killing 44 people, including six children cowering in their homes, and a 74-year-old woman sitting in her car. No Israelis died in the three days of “conflict”.

This is in direct contravention of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Section 8, War Crimes, which outlaws “intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such or against individual citizens not taking part in hostilities”.

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Israel claimed the dead included Jihad Islamic commander, Taysir Al-Jahari who was killed in his Gaza apartment. They called this a pre-emptive strike.

The indiscriminate bombing of innocent people is something we’ve become only too aware of, in the inhuman attacks by Russia against Ukrainian civilians.

The attacks over the last few days on the innocent people of Gaza are no different.

Yet Israel remains unsanctioned, and continues to enjoy preferential trade with the EU under the Euro-Med trade agreement.

Betty Purcell, Dublin 6W

Why give €50 more to people who don’t want to work?

SINN Féin want to give the jobless amongst us another €50 per week... really? While we’re at it why don’t we give the people who pay practically no money for their accommodation in this country €50 as well. After all they’re the same people. What a glorious incentive for those people who live well at our expense, to go out and get a job and contribute something to society.

In my “squeezed middle” sector of Irish life, I know nobody who is unemployed. I don’t think that is unique.

There are so many jobs in so many industries, that surely anyone wanting to work will get employment. Is this Sinn Féin’s final big push for Dáil Éireann? Wrap up the votes of those who would rather chill out daily than go to work.

Be careful, Mary, these guys would see the task of actually making the trip to the polling station as a major intrusion on their daily routine.

Eamon Kearney, Ayrfield, Dublin 13

It’s funny how the weather brings out the worst of jokes

WITH the warm weather the only thing that appears in danger of freezing is my computer. Unaccustomed as we are to such temperatures I am anticipating a slew of lame jokes.

So just to set a low bar from the offset: Why do celebrities not have to worry about the heat? They have a lot of fans.

Ed Toal, Galway City

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