Monday 9 December 2019

What will TD pay for?

Madam –In last week's issue (Sunday Independent, January 13, 2013), Olivia Mitchell, TD, was quoted in relation to the proposed property tax: "I bitterly resent having to pay this because we are paying for the rest of the country."

Well, I am one of those who live in 'the rest of the country' – and I would dearly love to know what she will be paying for.

Where I live we have no footpaths, street lighting, trains, buses, Dart or Luas.

We have no mains water or mains sewage system.

We travel five miles to the nearest town for shopping, using roads badly in need of repair, and if we are hit with bad snow or flooding we are left to our own devices.

If anyone should feel resentment it is those people in 'the rest of the country', similar to myself, who get nothing from Ms Mitchell but who, through our taxes, contribute to her huge fat salary and highly prized expenses.

Derek Behan,

Co Carlow

Sunday Independent

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