Friday 15 December 2017

What we truly can't afford is bad accounting

* Let me get this right. The country is apparently bankrupt and needs to balance its books and one final push should do it. Fine. Certainly there are plenty of pensioners who can well afford to pay all their own bills, just like there are plenty of young and middle-aged people who can well afford their mortgages and GP fees.

Pensioners pay all the same income tax and levies as anyone else and have the same bills to pay, so why is the threshold for cutting off the medical card for those over 70 based on their gross income instead of their net income?

Also, why is the 'free' (which is in fact paid by for by all taxpayers whether or not they have children under five, so it's not free) GP care being made universal instead of being aimed at those who genuinely need it? Are the public sector, who bleat so much about how hard they work, not capable of devising a system that targets 'free' GP care to those who genuinely need it?

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