Wednesday 25 April 2018

What is Marc Coleman's point?

Madam -- Marc Coleman obviously 'has his knife' in university professors. I say this because he regularly quotes professors' salaries as a prime example of inflated salaries paid out of the public purse and ignores much greater salaries paid to other professionals out of public monies, for example to judges, medical consultants, etc.

He was at it again in his column (Sunday Independent, February 5, 2012), quoting a professor's salary of €148k. But there is a fascinating twist to this. Many professors are paid far more than €148k -- clinical medical professors are paid €240k. A keen student of academic salaries like Marc knows this well. So why, since it would make his 'point' much more powerful, does Marc not quote this much higher salary?

Or, what exactly is Marc Coleman's real point anyway?

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