Friday 17 January 2020

What about facts, Eilis?

Sir -- Eilis O'Hanlon's rant (Sunday Independent, May 9, 2010), ("Ve haf ways of making you talk -- as gaeilge") must mark a new low in the standards required for publication in your paper. The entire piece was based on hearsay and second-hand information, full of sarcastic questions with no purpose other than to goad us into joining the author in her faux-outraged viewpoint.

A pity Ms. O'Hanlon did not make a few phone calls to do what journalists use to pride themselves on -- finding out things on our behalf. I'm sure the organisers of the summer schools would be only too happy to tell her first-hand what rules they have in place.

Of course, that would make for a much shorter piece, albeit one of higher quality. And what good is that when you have a thousand words to fill?

Tommy Hayes,

Listowel, Co Kerry

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