Tuesday 12 December 2017

We're stuck in chat-show hell

I have to wonder in these recessionary times if RTE is in cahoots with the Vintners' Association, because the quality of the muck that is produced would drive Matt Talbot to grab the bottle and forsake sobriety rather than endure the drivel that is 'The Late Late Show' and 'The Saturday Night Show'.

I realise that we're a small country and the possibility of 'A-list' guests is out of the question most weeks, but do we seriously have to endure Brendan O'Connor's cringeworthy sexual innuendos in his monosyllabic voice whilst he talks to some Z-lister? Or bury oneself further into the settee as Tubridy runs up into the audience with the microphone doing the prehistoric "one for everyone in the audience" routine?

Join us in part two while we blow the dust off Twink or whatever other relic is walking the halls in Montrose. Bring back Pat, all is forgiven.

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