Tuesday 16 January 2018

Well-heeled must show salary cuts

I AM fed up listening to the same well-heeled and blatantly self-interested people in Irish society who were responsible for how this country was carved up during the boom years, before being well and truly mutilated, still preaching austerity for those further down without any admission of their own salary status. This nonsense has to stop.

I would humbly suggest, in the interests of credibility, transparency and all-round fair play, and as a prelude to any further pontificating on matters of fiscal restraint, pay cuts and levies to be foisted on the lower and middle strata of Irish society, that those in Government, the unions and representing the business community first declare their current salary and what pay cuts, if any, they have undertaken.

This could be easily facilitated by RTE placing a brightly flashing notice with the relevant figures at the bottom of the screen, which would remain there until the individual in question had finished their commentary.

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