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Well done Aer Lingus

• This summer I had reason to use our national airline, Aer Lingus, flying to and from Barcelona. I feel I have to express in writing just how good and professional this company is. As a disabled passenger I was treated exceptionally well.

On the return journey I was accommodated in every way possible but, unfortunately, a problem occurred with my wheelchair in Dublin. Once again the professionalism of the staff came to the fore, and they were so courteous to me and my family -- even the captain spent time talking to us while a super-efficient team, like a Formula 1 pit crew, attended to my chair.

A temporary job was enough to get me home to Kerry safely, and follow-up calls were persistent from Aer Lingus ground services until my wheelchair was fixed correctly and paid for.

Please, Aer Lingus, in your deliberations on whether to join another airline or not, don't ever lose the much-appreciated human touch that shines through every time I use your service.

At a time when people are very quick to criticise and complain, I feel I have to compliment your service and look forward to my next journey with you.

Terry O'Brien
Tralee, Co Kerry

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