Monday 27 January 2020

We were duped by soundbite politics

AS Fionnan Sheahan and Sam Smyth have pointed out in their excellent analysis of the George Lee saga, we have been duped by the cult of celebrity.

Sure, George had his heart in the right place but why were we so foolish to follow him with our own hearts and not use our heads?

We believed in him just like we believed in Bertie. Unfortunately, this belief was not based on the cold reality of economics and politics, but on their superficial soundbites.

George was parachuted in, just because we knew him from the telly. He was to be our saviour.

Yet I cannot think of one workable solution to our economic problems proposed by George.

He was sincere and seemed decent and was better than the shower of wasters in there anyway -- so what was there to lose?

His colleague and friend, Charlie Bird, is of a similar ilk. Both have become bigger than the stories they report on.

A poll on Joe Duffy's hysterical programme showed just how farcical the situation is.

Its results "proved" that the vast majority agreed with George's decision -- to his mind at least.

George's reaction said it all.

He lives in the magical world of media analysis and listener polls.

Once the hullaballoo dies down, George will be severely damaged by this. He is clearly impetuous and naive.

He was clearly better at commentating on economics and politics from a distance, like most of us, rather than actually putting his shoulder to the wheel and grinding out changes in policy.

Declan Maher

After listening to George Lee for over two hours on the radio, I was left with the distinct impression that he was truly at the end of his tether.

How frustrating for him to have gone into politics with all guns blazing only to be shot down by his own party.

Why did Fine Gael bother recruiting Mr Lee when they weren't going to utilise him properly?

The only conclusion I can draw is that they were more interested in boosting their own popularity than getting to grips with economic policy.

Erin McGreehan
Cooley, Co Louth

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