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We still use 'grand stick' to beat our own

Paul Dolan, in yesterday's Letters (Irish Independent, October 14), wonders why the Irish cannot unite against the bond markets and bankers like the Greeks and French.

Ah Paul, a ghra, will you get sense! To understand the Irish psyche I suggest you look no further than at the final scenes of 'The Quiet Man'.

John Wayne, the wealthy Yank, is dragging uppity local girl Maureen O'Hara home almost by the hair of the head, when he is approached by one of Maureen's own, a local peasant girl who offers him a grand stick "to beat the lady with".

Unfortunately, not much has changed in Ireland! We still fawn over those of wealth and power whom it might have repercussions to cross and who might just be inclined to benefit us in some way, if we suck up enough and betray our own for them.

When I first came to Ireland, it took me ages to decipher the old sean-fhocal, "it's for his own good a cat purrs", but having seen the sycophantic fawning that goes on here, lead by the Galway tent brigade and those unwilling to lift the lid on clerical abuse, I finally understood it.

That's why parish pump politics has gained such dominance here.

Now Paul, you'll excuse me while I go looking for a "grand stick" to offer those in power.

God knows when someone belonging to me might need a word from the mighty to get a job, promotion, planning permission, medical card or even a hospital bed!

Greta Harrison
Ballina, Co mayo

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