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We should treat tourists fairly

I have recently heard that Failte Ireland is spending around €14m promoting Ireland overseas.

I firmly believe that the best way to sell Ireland abroad is actually from within our country and it is all about how we treat our tourists when they come to Ireland.

In the past we have ripped off tourists, they have gone back to their own countries and never returned.

When there are sporting occasions or concerts in Ireland and when we have a lot of overseas visitors, we should not overcharge them. They will spread the good news when they go back home, free of charge.

When U2 had concerts in Croke Park last year and Dublin was full of people from all over the world, they were ripped off for accommodation.

This is a short-term gain and it is unbelievable that it should happen when the economy is on its knees.

Accommodation in some hotels in Dublin cost more than €300 per night when the Celtic Tiger was roaring.

This I believe was causing tourists to exclude Ireland as their holiday destination.

I believe Ireland still has potential to increase employment from tourism and, in the case of my own county of Leitrim, we have several tourism strengths that need to be developed.

Remember, if large numbers of tourists are not coming in to our capital then it is reasonable to expect fewer tourists are making their way down the country.

Cllr Sean Mc Dermott
Co Leitrim

Irish Independent