Monday 20 November 2017

We need to know the truth about Rachel

I’M sure everyone in the country is well aware of the tragic death of Rachel Peavoy. That a young healthy women died from hypothermia, in Ireland, in the year 2010 is an absolute disgrace.

The conditions that Rachel lived in are quiet clear; she had written to numerous ministers and TDs on the matter, seeking help, and yet it would appear that the blind eye was turned towards her requests for assistance. The very fact that Rachel's medical history was used in court, in ways that diminished responsibility for those actions – or inactions – that led to her death, speaks volumes.

Rachel died from hypothermia. Her post mortem results proves this to be the case. I want to know how a ‘death by misadventure’ was found? Let’s not forget that Rachel has two sons who have lost their mother, under circumstances that the inquest has not clarified. Rachel’s children need to know the truth, as do her family. They need the support that Rachel was denied.

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