Sunday 22 April 2018

We need shake-up

• I have become increasingly puzzled at the disconnect between politicians from all parties and the public in recent years. I have three suggestions that may bridge this growing gap.

1. Let's have televised Cabinet meetings. Policies and decisions are formulated at these which have a massive impact on the lives of the citizens of this fragile state. We have a right, surely, to see our elected representatives in the cut and thrust of the roles we entrust them with.

2. Would it be possible for a Cabinet member to bring a calculator to one of these meetings and work out a simple budget plan for a typical family of four with one standard middle class wage? Give us a breakdown of how to balance the books between the income and outgoings of a typical family in Ireland today. I am a married 40-year-old with four children. Despite our best efforts, my wife and I are baffled. Lead by example and show us how it is done. If you dole out the punishment, show us how to take the medicine.

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