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We need inquiry into bank crisis

An inquiry into the causes, culprits and consequences of the Irish banking crisis is necessary.

The public would be reassured if people were shown to be accountable, if only to preserve some credibility for a future banking system.

Mr Cowen is incorrect when he suggests that a banking inquiry would weaken confidence on the international markets.

A new style of corporate governance and financial regulation would reassure and stabilise markets.

A costly tribunal-style banking inquiry would not be appropriate.

However a cross-party Oireachtas inquiry, chaired by an international and neutral figure, should be considered.

Public discourse on this issue needs to continue.

A Facebook page has been set up -- 'Call to investigate the banking crisis'.

Our banks' customers, depositors, shareholders and taxpayers need a say in a reformed banking system.

Des Groome
Kildare Chamber of Commerce

Irish Independent