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We need gardai on the streets, not in college

ListenING to the news this morning I thought of the old adage "don't believe everything you read in the papers"; but this was live radio and I was listening to the head of the garda union claiming that the closing of the garda training college in Templemore would affect the safety of the general public. What planet is this man on?

Walk around Dublin city centre and you will notice the scarcity of garda foot patrols; and it's the same in the suburbs.

A simple example: there is a thriving drug scene on the river walkway between O'Connell Bridge and Butt Bridge. This is midway between two of the largest police stations in the country, Pearse Street on the south and Store Street on the north. I walked this way once, never again.

Simon Culled
Bunclody, Co Wexford

Irish Independent