Monday 9 December 2019

We must stop the State from changing law on abortion

• The vast majority of Irish people wish to see unborn human life protected. The Government has no democratic mandate to introduce abortion in Ireland against the wishes of the Irish people.

The Government is on the brink of legalising abortion. This is unthinkable – although it could happen if the people of Ireland do not go out in force against the Government next Saturday.

To me, a baby becomes a human being from the moment of conception and all these mathematical geniuses who state that within a certain amount of time a child can be aborted are talking utter nonsense. How on Earth could this be true and how is this arrived at?

I know there can be significant problems in keeping a child. Problems like being a single mother with neither human nor monetary support. A wife who has become pregnant – and not by her husband. Babies who may be physically or mentally challenged. There are as many solutions as there are problems out there without abortion.

At every street corner there should be information services and counselling on how to keep and rear a baby. We are trained as children not to hurt a fly. We look after our animals better than the rights of unborn human beings. We as human beings are crazed with materialism and with things that really don't matter – but the unborn, our future children, do matter!

Our Government wants to bring in legislation for abortion through a sneaky side door and stop the people from having their say. I don't believe a word from politicians who are lining their own pockets with their silver tongues and sugar-coated words. We can stop this happening.

We cannot condemn or point the finger at those who have had abortions in the past. No one knows why they had to come to this awful decision and should not dare point a finger without having walked in their same shoes.

Rape is an appalling crime, but it does not justify abortion. Killing an innocent child merely adds another layer of injustice and exposes the rape victim to the harms associated with abortion.

It's a long road with no turning!

Ms Terry Healy
Kill, Co Kildare

Irish Independent

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